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Brief introduction

Changzhou Lilai Sealed Part Co., Ltd., founded in May 1994, is located at Jintan City, Jiangsu Province-the hometown Wuxi, Suzhou, Kunshan and Shanghai in the east; leads to Zhenjiang and Nanjing in the west; and extends to Changzhou and Yangtze River in the north. Currently, a highway along the Yangtze River has passed through the town(Shuibei Town). The Company covers a floor space and a building area of over 15,000m2 and 7,000m2 respectively; owns over 280 employees, including 26 various professional technicians; has a registered capital and fixed assets of 6.58 and over 18 million Yuan respectively; and enjoys an annual production capacity and an annual sales amount of up to 100 million pieces and over 36 million Yuan apart.

The Company specially manufactures various rubber sealed parts for automobile engine, vehicle air conditioning, pipelilnes and motorcycle engine, complete vehicles, and electric tools, etc., as well as rubber articles for other machinery. Also, it has provided supporting manufacturing services for over 100 backbone enterprise for long term, including Nanjing Aotecar Refrigerating Co., Ltd., Suzhou Xinzhi Electromechanical Industry Co., Ltd., Zhejiang sanhua autom obile control system Co., ltd., Air International(Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Dayuan Vehicle Air Conditioning Co., Ltd., Shanghai Xinjing Auto Parts Co., Ltd., Anhui Hualing Automobile Group Co., Ltd., Shenyang Hangda Airboane Equipment Company, Jiangsu Zhunti Vehicle Air Conditioning Co., Ltd., Ningbo Aoke Auto Air Conditioning Co., Ltd., Ningbo Xianlong Automobile Fittings Co.,Ltd., Wuxi New Century Air Conditioning Co., Ltd., Jinjiang Hua Xing Electron Device Corporation Ltd.(Auto Industry) and (Nanjing Jincheng Corporation Co., Ltd., Sundiro Honda Motorcycle Co., Ltd., Grand River Group, Fujian Province Jinjiang City Sanli Motor Co., Ltd.l, Shanghai T.& E. Enterprise Co., Ltd., Makita(China) Col., Ltd., Changzhou Ingersoll Rand Tools Co., Ltd., Shanghai T. & E. General Power Equipment Co., Ltd., Shanghai Tuobu Enterprise Development Co., Ltd., and Yongkang Zhongjian Tools Manufacturing Co., Ltd.(Non-auto Industry), etc. At present, partial products of our copany have been directly or indirectly exported to some developed countries such as USA, Japan, Korea and EU, Italy Germany etc. In addition, our company has obtained favorable praises from the leaders of the Minitry of Spaceflight due to that the supporting sealed parts manufactured by us for the starter of East VI Rocket have passed the test at one stroke.

The Company has strictly controlled the quality of raw materials, imported a majority of raw rubbers from USA, Germany, England, France, Japan, Italy and Russia, etc., and thus ensured the product performance and quality stability.

The Company enjoys relatively high production capacity, and now, its production equipment mainly includes 1 set of 35L banbury mixer; 1 set of 16", 14", 12" and 9" open type rubber fining mixer each; 38 sets of full-automation flat vulcanizing machines with PC control; 18 sets of full-automation vacuum valcanizing machines; 8 sets of vertical and horizontal plastic-injection moulding machines; 6 sets of automatic rubber stock-cutters; 1 sets of Jy250 pre-molding machine, 4 sets of automatic double-pole cut-lip machines; 2 sets of phosphorization device and 1 set of rubber dip machine; 1 set of imported and domestic frozen burr eliminator each, all of which have provided guarantee for stabilizing and upgrading production efficiency.

Also, the Company has executed strict quality control on each working procedure, and realized computer programmized management from product drawing and production monitoring to the storage of raw materials, semi-finished rubber materials, and finished products, etc.

The Quality Department of the Company takes charge of the management and testing of product quality, and has been equipped with facilities for inspection of finished products and physical property testing of semi-finished products, as well as chemical property analysis instruments of materials, including 134a-resisting testing device and foaming test device of sealed parts for vehicle air conditioning, oil-seal test bed for automobile streering deivce, vertical projector, intelligent computer type vulka meter, intelligent computer type mooney viscosimeter, degradation testing chamber, low temperature brittleness test bed, plasticity testing machine, withstanding voltage tester, electric tension machine, sclerometer, Finished hardness, endurance test bed of compressor for vehicle air conditioning, thickness meter, densimeter, film processor spring tesion tester, universal tool microscope, video instrument, electro-opticla analytical balance, abrasion machine, pressure transmission testing deivce, oil-resisting testing device, multi-function test bed of rubber lining, rotary oil seal test bed, radial force tester of micro-control oil seal, odorous hydrogen resisting degradation testing chamber, and etc. All of these have met the demands on product quality inspection, detection and testing of the Company.

The Company pays much attention to establishing and prefecting the quality management system, and has created conditions for the Company to match with auto product manufacturing enterprises, and for its products to enter into international markets. In June 1998, the Company obtained manufacturing license for "rubber sealed O-ring" and "rotary shaft lip sealing ring"(license nuber:XK13-207-00080); in July 2003, the Company passed the certification of ISO9001:2000 Quality Management System(registration number:05981/0); and in May 2007, the Company passed the certification of ISO/TS 16949:2000 Quality Management System(registration number:00564/0).

The Company has always taken good faith as foundation, market as the orientation, technical supports for independent development as the backup force, and striving for customers' satisfaction as tenet; and has actively explotied domestic and international markets.

All employees of the Company have firmly determined to take customers as attention focus; aim at providing top-quality products and services, keeping improvements, and constrantly upgrading customers' satisfaction; persisted in leading science and technology, kept pace with time, and made efforts to realize innovations, so as to sufficiently meet customers' demands on high-quality products and services. 


Lilai sealed Part always makes contributions with a sincere heart. Here, Mr. Pan Tianrong, the General Manager, is willing to cooperate with new and old friends from all circles of the society sincerely to create a splendid future together!

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