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China's auto parts exhibition (2014)

Industry: auto parts

The host country: China

Host city, Shanghai

Exhibition name: Shanghai hongqiao expo exhibition complex in China

Holding time: 2014/10/19 ~ 2014/10/21

2014 China international auto fair

Thanks to pay attention to the China international auto fair (CIAPE)!

Exists in a global biggest car market, the enterprise how to have a global view, to participate in domestic and international division of labor and competition? This is a very real problem. In this special recommend the "China international automobile trade fair", I hope you through this platform to find the answer.

The exhibition schedule

Host unit: the ministry of commerce of the People's Republic of China

Move-in time: October 16, 2014-18

Show time: on October 19, 2014-21

Move-in time: October 21, 2014, 4 PM

Registration time: until July 31, 2014

Exhibition area: 100000 square meters

Exhibition location: Shanghai hongqiao China expo exhibition complex

Exhibition address: Shanghai HuaXu highway no. 335

CIAPE characteristics

The only Chinese national auto product internationalization, professional display platform

China's independent of the whole industry chain to build commodity trading platform

The supporting and after-sale market at home and abroad

Held the heavyweight summit, policies and regulations briefing sessions, new technology conference, mining for docking and supplier conference and other activities

The whole world audience from all fields

CIAPE positioning

China international auto fair CIAPE (original China international auto parts expo) is * * * * * * * * in order to meet the need of automobile production and marketing power and building independent of the whole industry chain to build platform for the internationalization, specialization, the car market at home and abroad to meet the growing demand. It is not only the bridge exports as well as a new platform in the import; Show both foreign advanced technology, products and management mode, also shows the strength of the Chinese automobile products. Through exchanges and cooperation, create more opportunities. It is China's auto industry as a whole level and automotive aftermarket standardization development boosters.

The exhibition content and exhibits

The independent brand vehicle pavilion

Today China is sitting on the world's largest car market, must actively seek to sustainable development to gradually realize the dream of auto power.

China's rapid economic development of the market demand, for the automotive industry at home and stronger provides a strong support.

Auto power by domestic automobile enterprises with world class. Enterprise has excellent brand and competitive products, mastery of core technology, key and occupy a certain market share in the world. At the same time, countries have given priority to with local companies control the core technology of the complete supply chain system.

New energy vehicle car passenger car commercial vehicle subcompact

Parts library

Through technical innovation, improve the competitiveness of products in the supporting and after-sale market, meet the modern society of automobile the high-tech products in energy-saving and emission reduction, safety, environmental protection, comfort, economy and other aspects more and more high expectations.

Supporting the market

Encourage enterprises to show new technology, new products, added active and original equipment supplier and form a complete set of secondary and tertiary markets. Encourage Chinese enterprises to speed up structural adjustment, by optimizing the integration of international and domestic resources, strengthening the cooperation of the whole zero, availability, speed up the formation of modular, systematic deeper participation international division of labor, promote the formation of a batch of world-class suppliers.


As the car market into the era of micro growth, excellent after-sale system and mode will lead to the change of the aftermarket.

CIAPE under the strong support of the ministry of commerce circulation industry development, joint domestic parts, Europe, America, Japan and South Korea,, commercial vehicles, minivans accessories and maintenance after eight system testing equipment market association, as a link to show, with auto aftermarket sino-foreign scale above the basis of high quality suppliers, distributors, service providers, standardize market order, perfect the credit system, the rational allocation of resources, promote, create channels for brand competition, service terminal customers, the development of electronic commerce, implement quality traceability system accessories, jointly build a suitable for the development of China auto aftermarket system and pattern, make the suppliers, channel, terminal, consumers benefit together.

Engine system, chassis, body, electrical and electronic systems, general parts and materials. (original, brand, vice factory, remanufacturing)

The technical equipment pavilion

To do a good job, must first sharpen his device. Auto manufacturing level of synchronization in the equipment manufacturing industry level, the CIAPE pavilion set up technical equipment, and components for the car manufacturing enterprise with first-class technology and equipment at home and abroad, promote the generation of the processing equipment upgrades, one-stop exposure and master manufacturing the latest information.

Mold and metal processing equipment, automation equipment, rubber plastic and packing equipment, casting industry.

Auto supplies pavilion

The rapid increase of car ownership has prompted domestic automotive supplies market to "intensive", "one-stop" chain business model transformation.

CIAPE is the internationalization of China's auto supplies enterprise docking global trade platform, the organizers will invite a number of domestic and international buyers to visit the exhibition, expand the field of vision for the enterprise, establish trade channels at home and abroad to create opportunities. This exhibition is the first time China's Yangtze river delta region supplies enterprise facing the national and global buyers.

Beauty care products; Automobile interiors and exteriors; Car audio entertainment; Communications navigation; Automotive safety products; Automobile electronic appliances; Automobile energy saving products; Automobile environmental protection products; Car outdoor.

Vehicle maintenance testing equipment pavilion

CIAPE set "auto repair testing equipment pavilion", showing in the service of motor vehicle safety performance test, automobile comprehensive performance test, the vehicle maintenance enterprise chain, special repair station, car maintenance, car equipment of vocational colleges. Through the exhibition platform play the enthusiasm of industry associations, enterprises, to promote and carry out the open technical conditions, vehicle maintenance and repair enterprise credit assessment, from personnel of course of aptitude and training system, improve enterprise management level, technical level and service level, promote the implementation of vehicle inspection/maintenance (I/M) system, advocating "green mechanics", "mechanics" of science and technology and other modern service mode, improve the detection technology, equipment maintenance, promote the transformation and upgrading of the industry specialization, standardization, the brand and sustainable development.

Vehicle inspection diagnosis instrument, measuring tools, microcomputer system, other related equipments, etc.; Car maintenance equipment, special repair tools, spray paint, lifting, car repair, calibration equipment, etc.; Green motor repair equipment and materials; Mechanics teaching equipment and facilities.

Automobile tire pavilion

CIAPE set up "tire pavilion", the organizers will invite the United States, Britain, Germany, India, Italy, Korea, Thailand, Singapore, Taiwan, more than 100 countries and regions of the purchaser, provide enterprises with high-quality buyers global trade talks, company brand promotion, channel depth development and other services, promote transformation and upgrading of domestic tire enterprises through, technology innovation, especially the research and development of "green tyre", gradually eliminate product homogeneity and outstanding problems such as structural overcapacity industry, promote the healthy development of tire industry, provide opportunities for China tire enterprises towards the marketization and internationalization.

Automobile tires (passenger cars, commercial vehicles, involving cars, engineering machinery); Car wheel, wheels, tires peripheral accessories.

Car modification pavilion

With the improvement of people's living standards, growing demand for personalized. To better guide the consumer understanding of the front of the car modification, establish safe, fashion, green, environmental protection concept of automobile refitting, CIAPE in addition to show local car modification work, technology and products, will also introduce the United States, Germany, Japan and other automobile refitting the brands, products, technology and concept of developed countries, to promote the successful experience of international automobile refitting and management, promote the car modification as soon as possible into the standardization, marketization, industrialization in China, both the excavation car stock market in our country, to expand domestic demand, and satisfy people's growing personalized needs, but also to the folk in the cultivation of innovation spirit.

Auto refitting vehicle; Engine system; The cooling system. Air inlet part; Exhaust part; Electronic products; Transmission system, suspension system; The brake system; Chassis; Wheels;; Tire; Chemical products; Appearance suite; Internal department; Car audio; The personal department; Modified products;

Motorcycle pavilion

"China international motorcycle, electric vehicles and parts trade fair" is approved by the state ministry of commerce, and make full use of the advantage of resources at home and abroad, in accordance with the principle of marketization, internationalization and specialization of important exhibition. The exhibition has successfully held four sessions, fully represent the overall strength of China's motorcycle industry and development level, is the Chinese and foreign motorcycles, electric vehicle and parts enterprises exhibition, trade, exchange and cooperation platform.

CIAPE motorcycle with China chamber of commerce, motorcycle and bicycle exhibition company in Italy (Eicma Spa) cooperation, establish a "motorcycle pavilion", fully display the motorcycle industry in our country 30 years development achievements and technological progress to promote the independent brand image. To come to the meeting and invite overseas well-known manufacturers and buyers, contributing to the Chinese and foreign enterprises in electric cars, high-end big bikes, scooters, important parts, such as famous brand motorcycle products for cooperation. To improve the overall level of China's motorcycle industry, to promote transformation and upgrading of enterprises and realize leap-forward development play a positive role.

Motorcycles, electric cars, all-terrain vehicles, moped; Motorcycle engine and other components. Motorcycle accessories and tools; Motorcycle production and maintenance of equipment.

The protection of intellectual property rights

Strengthen the protection of intellectual property rights, innovation, to promote China's economic development mode change inevitable requirement, is also enhance the level of China's opening to the outside, speed up structural adjustment of urgent need. CIAPE unswervingly implement the national intellectual property strategy, with the protection of intellectual property legal system, market and culture. CIAPE by government agencies to set up the protection of intellectual property rights and traceability.

High level of concurrent activities

Expo held summit international auto parts and other professional activities, will be the development trend of the global auto industry hotspot issues, to discuss, advanced technology and innovation projects, global procurement, distribution and after-sale market project, consultation, training, dialogue activities are rich and colorful, for exhibitors and buyers to provide wide-range, deep value-added services.

Review past show

The exhibition profiles

CIAPE is held in accordance with the principle of internationalization, specialization and marketization of the national auto industry exhibition. The exhibition has been held 7, accumulated from 37 countries and regions of 7193 companies, as well as more than 70 countries and regions more than 230000 professional visitors and buyers to visit.

CIAPE obtained, in Germany, the United States, Britain, France, Italy, Japan, Korea, Spain, Canada, Australia, Italy, India, Iran, Pakistan, the Philippines, Taiwan and other 17 countries and regions of 39 auto industry association, general motors, Volkswagen, Toyota, etc nine international automotive group, Bosch, denso, Delphi, etc of the world's top four auto parts group, saic, faw, dongfeng and changan 20 key automobile enterprise group in China, China automobile and parts export base of 12 countries cooperation and support.

CIAPE as national platform, by the parties concerned, the former member of the political bureau of the CPC central committee, vice premier zhang dejiang, the ministry of industry and Commerce Department leadership many times to inspect and guide the work.

Well-known enterprises

International parts: Bosch, denso, aisin seiki, Ed cox, Delphi, continental group, berg warner, Toyota textile, modern, and modern and modern adai moss, pirelli, Goodyear, NGK, Hitachi, gibbs, asimco, tenneco, Johnson controls, gerth lakshmi, lane, dow corning, shell, Lear, alpine electronics, pioneer, kenwood, electronic, etc.

Domestic parts: wanxiang group, weichai power, saic hualand auto parts, dongfeng auto parts, xiang torch, yuchai machine, the rich, faw, faw tin firewood, faw sihuan, shaanxi, sanhuan, wanfeng OTT, liaoning shuguang axle, youth group, the qijiang count gear, fuyao glass, binzhou piston, yizheng, gold kylin group corporation, datong gear, susquehanna zhengxing wheel, wenzhou sheng crown, Beijing sichuan and auto parts, transformers, jingxi heavy industry, chang hui science and technology group, the meaning, the engine, the horse group, wing Luke group, jiangyin molding, chongqing jiang die-casting, faith groups and vie group, zhejiang silver, Rayleigh group, Asia Pacific electromechanical, zhuzhou spark plugs, xiangyang bearing, etc.

Vehicle parts: general motors, Toyota, BMW group, faw group, changan group, Shanghai automotive industry corporation, Beijing automotive group, sinotruk, Great Wall motor, chery, geely, jianghuai automobile, zhongtai automobile, jiangling motors, yutong bus, hagrid jinlong bus, coach and youth coach, zhongtong coach, etc.

Shanghai new pavilion is introduced

China expo exhibition complex is currently the world's largest conference and exhibition center, located at Shanghai hongqiao business district on the west side, adjacent to the nation's largest hongqiao integrated transportation hub. Synthesis by exhibition venues, form a complete set of four major, business center, office buildings and hotels through 8 meters elevation convention avenue couplet. Hongqiao hub airport, subway, high-speed rail, light rail, magnetic levitation five one, become Shanghai docking, radiation throughout the country and the portal to the asia-pacific and the world.

Synchronization in, listing on the Shanghai free trade zone national exhibition complex was put into operation will drive the long triangle exhibition industry and facing the whole country of import commodity exhibition center and the development of service industries, such as wholesale and retail center, greatly promote the construction of Shanghai international financial center, shipping center and trade center.


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